When you need IT support

If you are a Proactive Monitoring & Management customer, you already have remote support as a part of our service. Use the CA Support tool on your desktop to request help instantly.

If not, call COMPUTASSIST to learn about and request a one-time remote support session, to see why you will want this immediate problem resolution available to all your staff.

Once you have me on the phone, click the button above (on this page, to the right) to start your remote support session. You are in complete control of the connection. You can cancel the session at any time. When your session is finished, it is closed for good.

  1. When directed by the technician on your Support call, download the CA-Remote Assist app by clicking the button above.
  2. Once downloaded, run it on your PC.
  3. Respond to any warnings on your PC with Run, Allow, or Yes. If prompted for admin credentials, enter the name and password of an account on your PC that has admin-level access.
  4. Wait for the next step from the technician on your Support call.