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When you hand off your IT

Providing small businesses the opportunity to gain the benefits of managed IT, scaled down to realistically fit their budgets.

As a small business owner, non-profit director or church administrator, you have enough on your plate already, without having to keep track of IT issues as well.

For over two decades, ComputAssist has leveraged proactive monitoring & management of IT systems to keep Omaha small businesses focused on their missions. Allow me to show you how you can stop thinking about IT, and get back to the work you love!

Who is keeping your IT running?

A small office frequently has no internal IT staff—it just isn’t in the budget. As a result, computer systems suffer from neglect, owing to lack of time and lack of expertise. And yet, these systems often run the most critical business processes and contain the organization’s second most valuable asset—its data. When IT systems break, the loss extends beyond just hardware and software. Lost opportunity and productivity are often the larger share of the expense.

Let ComputAssist be your Virtual IT department, providing the strategic IT planning you need, and systems management to keep your team working with no downtime. Proactive Monitoring & Management delivers best practice solutions non-intrusively. Your staff will have a direct line to support through a taskbar icon that simplifies submitting requests and cuts time spent reporting problems in half.

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What my customers are saying

“Bill, thanks to you and your advice, the network and servers are performing flawlessly!”
“Great work Bill. I am relieved to have a professional monitoring such an important part of my company.”
“Thank you Bill for every effort to help us with regard to computer function and security, and to remain cognizant of nonprofit budget constraints. We appreciate all that you're doing. It makes a big difference in productivity having technical support!"
“Bill, thanks for your quick and thorough job. We can always count on your excellent and prompt service to our needs. Thanks for all you do.”

Why you can depend on COMPUTASSIST to keep your office up and running:

  • Reputable – COMPUTASSIST has been around since 1995. In that time, I have worked with manufacturers, property managers, attorneys, contractors, service businesses, churches and para-church ministries, and entrepreneurs of all kinds.

  • Experienced – I am a seasoned, professional technician with over 20 years of experience, but I’m not an old dog. I continually learn and adopt new technologies that work for the small office.

  • Relentlessly proactive – Since the beginning, ComputAssist has advocated a proactive approach to small business IT. This means tested off-site backups to protect your data, security best practices to protect your entire network, and Proactive Monitoring & Management to enable you to stay focused on your mission.
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—1 Peter 4:10