When you need support

In deep water with a computer problem, or need to see how to do an unfamiliar process?

Sometimes the best way to fix a computer problem or learn a technical procedure is to have an expert right at your keyboard. With COMPUTASSIST’s ScreenConnect remote support, a computer expert can see exactly what you see. Better yet, he can show you step-by-step how to perform a task, or make the changes to your PC that will fix the problem and have you back up and running right away!

Get help fast!

Call COMPUTASSIST first to learn about and request a ScreenConnect remote support session. Once you have me on the phone, click the ScreenConnect link (on this page, to the right) to start your remote support session. You are in complete control of the connection. You can cancel the session at any time. When your session is finished, it is closed for good.

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