What's worse than having an IT problem?

Getting an IT solution that doesn't fit!


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Get The RIGHT Technology for your Omaha office from the Small Office Expert who listens to your needs, asks the right questions, and has the experience to know what works in small business, non-profit and church offices.


COMPUTASSIST has been supporting small businesses and churches in Omaha with integrity since 1995.


What my customers are saying. . .

Great work Bill. I am relieved to have a professional monitoring such an important part of my company.
    -- Rory Groves, SWIFT Weather

I'd like to thank... the gang at COMPUTASSIST, for working like crazy to get this site working with the ever-changing design and time constraints (and putting up with my ability to provide them information they needed to get this done).  This was NOT easy for them.  They absolutely rock.

    -- Jim Kotan, Kotan Consulting Services

Thanks for working so hard on this one!  I checked the site out, and it looks Great!
    -- J. B., church leader