Small Business Consulting

Ugh, I need a new printer for the office. But there are hundreds of vendors and models to choose from.

I wish I could just ask someone who has already researched the options!

Have you ever felt this way? Whether it's a printer or a server, a web hosting service or a software application, I'm always evaluating the products and services that the small office needs. That's why I am the Small Office Expert, after all.

Whether you are planning a network upgrade or choosing an online business application, COMPUTASSIST can help. I use these products daily and know their strengths and weaknesses, who has great support, which products perform better, and how you can get the most return on your investment.

Sure, you can burn the midnight oil and learn all about unified threat management devices or cloud services. But when you want to stay focused on your mission and not waste time on computer issues, let me simplify your life!


Contact COMPUTASSIST when you need a consultant to help you find The RIGHT Technology for your office!