Proactive Data Protection

disk driveHow often do you remember to make a backup of your organization's important files? Do you have a copy of your backup off-site, in case of a local disaster such as fire? How recent is your last backup? Have you attempted a test restore lately?

If your computer files only exist in one location, you are at risk of losing them. A hard drive crash, accidental deletion, unreadable backup tape, or worse, a theft, fire or storm, could wipe out all your data in a moment.

How well could your business continue without that data?

COMPUTASSIST offers off-site backup of your critical data files. This automated service makes a backup of your important files on our servers, every night. The backup is completely automatic - you don't have to do a thing!  Your data is securely encrypted before it travels over the Internet and stored in encrypted form.

Best of all, if you have a major data loss, COMPUTASSIST will be there with your backed up data. Other services may take days to restore gigabytes of data over the 'Net. But if you are in Omaha, COMPUTASSIST is local to you. Think of it this way: if your Omaha business were on fire, would you call the Dallas or San Diego fire department to come put it out? Then why place your important files where they will take days to retrieve? If necessary, COMPUTASSIST will bring a backup drive to your office to restore your files within hours!

Restore from up to 8 weeks ago

Proactive Data Protection includes versioning, which lets you restore an older version of any file. If you need to go back in time to an earlier version of any document, now you can. Proactive Data Protection keeps a daily version back seven days, and a weekly version back eight weeks. Saved some edits you wish you hadn't? No problem, just go back in time and restore the version you need.

Sign up now. Protect your data - and your business - from loss.

No more hassling with bad backups, failed restores, forgotten or lost backups.

Be proactive. Contact COMPUTASSIST to get your backup plan started now.