Manageable Web Sites

Have you ever visited a web site for a service or product, and discovered that the site was horribly out of date, links were broken, and the company behind it just didn't seem to care about the site? Did that make you less likely to pursue or begin a relationship with that company?

One of the most important factors in having a successful web presence is keeping fresh content available for your visitors, and ComputAssist's Manageable Web Site makes it easy to do.You don't need web design or web coding skills to add and edit pages on your site. Just type, paste or drag'n'drop what you want on your page, and you're done!



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You can organize the menus, page order, images, and other content with an easy to use admin panel. Your site will be search engine friendly, too, with concise, readable URLs instead of cryptic parameters and query strings.

I will help you set up a site on my servers or on any host you choose. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can get results. Let's start now!