Case Studies

Here are just a few of my success stories. Contact me today. Yours could be the next!

A church with an outdated domain controller/server

needed to have the same capabilities but on an updated, supported operating system. They were running Windows Server 2003, and support from the vendor was about to end. A replacement was needed, but the cost had to be in line with the value of the services the server was providing.

COMPUTASSIST inventoried the services and resources this server was handling, and specced a new machine from zaReason that would provide great performance and power to grow for at least five years out. Running Debian Linux and Samba 4, the Free Software alternative is able to provide all the services of the old server: domain user accounts, DNS and file sharing. This includes unlimited user accounts and no licensing costs. (COMPUTASSIST always donates to the Free projects used in server installs.)


A building controls company

had a problem: engineers were creating and updating project files on their laptops, resulting in documents scattered across various computers having different versions. When another engineer needed to reference the project, no one knew who had the most recent copy of the files. They needed new capabilities: centralized and shared file storage, with remote access to those files from anywhere.

COMPUTASSIST installed a smart Linux-based Network Attached Storage device (NAS) on their office network. This device allows user-based access to all corporate documents, working drawings, and project information, from the office PCs as well as secure Internet access from computers and smart phones when out on the job. It also provides protection for this critical business data through off-site backup capability.


A property management company

needed to be able to share meeting and appointment schedules among co-workers. They were not running MS Exchange and did not intend to, although they were using Outlook on the desktop. Cost was a factor and needed to be as low as feasible.

COMPUTASSIST used Free Software to set up a groupware program which enables staff to inform and be informed of co-workers' meetings and appointments. By utilizing existing hardware, the total cost to implement was kept very low.