Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

If you are a small business owner with a local network, your servers and PCs are critical to your business' success. Downtime is lost opportunity. COMPUTASSIST can ensure your IT stays up and performs at its best.

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance, by itself or coupled with our off-site data protection, means you will never be surprised by a critical availability problem. Get advance warning + immediate response. Monitoring alerts you to important changes before they become problems. Maintenance defends you from breakdowns and sub-optimal performance.

COMPUTASSIST offers several choices for you:

Managed Services

is the complete package. It includes:

  • Keeping the operating system patched and running
  • Services and processes running as intended
  • Monitoring CPU, RAM, disk and network performance
  • Responding to out-of-bounds metrics as appropriate
  • Quarterly reports on actions and status
  • Optional managed antivirus with updates and remediation

Basic Monitoring

is a good way to try out Managed Services. It includes:

  • Monitoring CPU, RAM, disk and network performance
  • Quarterly reports on status

Residential Monitoring

is for our home users. It is a simpler application, but still monitors the important risk areas on your PC. You can choose from three levels:

  • A local app that warns you if a problem is appearing
  • The local app, plus alerts sent to COMPUTASSIST so you don't have to monitor yourself
  • Local app, with alerting, plus managed antivirus kept up to date 

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance keeps your IT up and running. Isn't that what you need?